Skarch & Co. Go Green Campaign

Back in 2020 when we soft launched Skarch & Co. we were keen to introduce biodegradable packaging as quickly as possible, because we care and wanted to play our part in saving the planet.


To begin with we managed to source affordable packaging for our products, but the plastic mailbag was really letting us down.  After some research we realised that going Green was going to be pricey, but well worth the investment.


After 6 weeks from the initial launch, we were delighted with the support from family, friends and referrals that we were in a position to invest in compostable bags for our mailing bags. As a ‘brucey bonus’ to our customers we were also able to put customers purchases in a linen shopper bag which can then be used over and over again.


When we launched Skarch & Co, we had no idea that we would reach our ‘Go Green’ goal so quickly, it is down to our customers that we have managed to do this, so Thank you!


We will continue to always review how we run our business to ensure it continues to be sustainable & friendly to our precious planet.


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