Last Chance Animal Rescue is our charity partner for June!


This month we have partnered with another charity that is means a lot. Our first rescue dog, Marlow, came from Last Chance in Edenbridge and he showed us what it means to rescue a dog.  


Last Chance Animal Rescue have two bases in Kent where they rescue animals of all types, some waiting destruction in Welsh Pounds, others handed in to them for whatever reason, good or bad.

The centre in Edenbridge was founded in 1986, its aim being to rescue and re-home unwanted and abandoned animals. Their second centre opened in New Romney in 2015 and has the same aims and objectives.


All Rescue charities have had a tough time in getting enough funds over the last few months as charity shops have been closed cutting off vital sources of income.

Sales from our rescue collection throughout June generate donations to Last Chance Animal Rescue. £2.50 for every hoodie and sweatshirt and £2.00 for every T-shirt and bag.

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