International Women's Day 2021

Today is International Women’s Day and as newbies to running our own business, we thought we’d take this opportunity to reflect on our Skarch & Co. journey and best of all the journey of sisters working together and how we complement each other. 

Clair is the older sister by 2 years (minus 10 days), which is a saying that’s said every year around our birthdays since we were kids!! As kids we fought like cat and dog, our poor mother! (another inspirational women in this world!) until Clair moved out at the age of 18, and it all changed from there. We’ve been best friends ever since.  We laugh together, cry together, rant together and holiday together - oh the holidays 💗! 

Before Skarch & Co. came about we both had successful careers in the Travel Industry and when the pandemic hit we wanted to take this time to do something together, something that didn’t feel like work. With us both being a fan of the outdoors and casual, comfy fashion it seemed like the most natural step to move into this market. 

We quickly established our roles in the business, Clair having a background in finance and business management takes care of all the stock, business planning, financing. Whereas Lucy’s background is Sales, and has picked up the roles of social media, collaborations, branding and dispatching.  We have a similar work ethic, which means we both give 100% into whatever we do there’s no time for slacking! 

There were two things we wanted as part of our business goals, firstly we wanted to be a sustainable business and as environmentally friendly as we possibly could and secondly, with us both having rescue fur babies, we wanted to raise money for small animal rescue charities through our ‘rescue is our favourite breed’ collection.  With 2 months, we have achieved both of these goals!  Which we are super proud of, our packaging is eco-friendly and we are partnering a rescue charity every month donating ££ from sales our rescue collection. 

What next...?? The world is our oyster.... #internationalwomensday 



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